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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”- Edith Head

What to Wear at Work?

You spend most of your waking time at work, do your outfits need to be boring? Not at all!

I have spent more than 20 years in corporate and have never hesitated about what to wear because I follow two rules: comfort and individuality while respecting the dress code. Wearing for the job is essential, many neglect it for whatever reasons, but the fact of looking and feeling good is motivating to self and surrounding.

Next time when you go shopping, ask yourself, “can I wear this to work?” And make it the majority of your purchases to accommodate days spent at the office, in meetings with customers, business trips, business dinners. The secret here is to balance trendy and professional pieces.


Business Formal & Business Casual

Let me highlight here the difference between business formal and business casual outfits and how we can interchange clothing pieces to fit your lifestyle need.

Women have the diversity of attires when it comes to business formal,  with pantsuits and skirt suits as ideal, chic separates and business dresses however, can also work well.

The picture here features a pantsuit in beige; it’s in light linen, perfect for the hot weather. Beneath it an off-white top in light fabrics and a golden beige color neckline, which you can easily wear alone on the trousers when you don’t need your jacket. I love to accessorize the outfit with a matching necklace as in this picture; this gives it personality and elegance. Depending on the shape and nature of the jewelry and other accessories,  one can change the mood of the outfit, dressing it up for a business dinner or after-hours work events.

In many of the corporate environment though, business casual is the norm and the above picture shows two examples of what you can wear on your beige trousers in the days where you don’t need a suit. Make sure to have your statement tops to go well with your bottoms for an easy start of your days.

Exploring some Trends This Summer

The hot season is now at your door, and you may be asking yourself, how to ride the wave of fashion while keeping an entire appropriate look?

Have a look at this selection of some trendy office-outfits and fit for an office environment.


Plaid Print

Plaid print is back this year: classic yet original. Here the pantsuit in plaid at your right-hand side can be worn in many ways. Unless there is a dress code limitation on certain patterns, designs, and colors, it’s very refreshing to have in your wardrobe this jogging pant, elegant and comfortable. You can wear it with a matching blouse, and finish it with its jacket when needed, otherwise, change the plaid suit to a solid matching color. It goes the same way for the jacket, which I find very wearable on different things, including shorts and jeans for your relaxed days.

Floral & Patterns

Embrace floral, bright colors and patterns during this season. I know it can be too much if you were to wear it top to toe, but you can always mix and match. This will multiply your outfit choices and gives life to your wardrobe while keeping it chic and office-appropriate.

Style is individual

Unless stated otherwise, be creative in the way you dress. Every individual is unique, and I cannot think of better ways than clothing to show your uniqueness and individuality.

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