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“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”- Hubert de Givenchy

What to wear?
How often do you open your closet full of items to conclude “I don’t have anything to wear”? Or perhaps you find yourself wearing the same pieces over and over again. There is a reason for that. They make you feel stylish and comfortable in your own skin.

By wearing the right clothes for your body type, you can accentuate your best features and conceal whatever you want to, creating a proportional body shape that is pleasing to the eye. By just picking the right clothing you’ll make full thighs, wide hips, or a full torso look less noticeable.

What Is Body Shape?
Body Shape describes the contours of your body figure based on your waistline. It’s how your bust, waist, and hips are in proportion with each other. There are five main body shapes; these are Hourglass, Triangle or apple shape, Inverted Triangle or pear shape, Rectangle or Square shape and Oval or round shape.

While Hourglass Body Shape is considered the ideal body shape in fashion because of its balanced proportions, all forms are beautiful; the secret is to create the illusion of a balanced body so that the eyes travel smoothly throughout the body with no prominent point that ‘disturbs’ the eye.

Determine your Body Shape
Hourglass:  Hip and bust measurements are equal with a narrow waist that is 9” to 13” (22 cm to 33 cm) smaller than the bust and hip measurements. If you have this shape, you can wear many silhouettes and does not need to rely on clothing camouflage tricks to create a flattering figure. When choosing your clothing, you need to keep the proportions of a fuller bust even with the proportions of fuller hips and thighs.
Styling Tips
  • Choose clothes and accessories that accentuate your proportional body figure by using your waist as a focal point.
  • Accessorize with belts so that the naturally smaller waist is showcased.
  • Make sure to keep your top relatively simple and smooth to complement your feminine Hourglass body shape.
  • Avoid anything stiff and that makes you look boxy.
  • Choose clothes to wear close to your body, baggy and shapeless styles do nothing to flatter your look.
  • A-line cut or wrap dresses are a perfect match for the hourglass-shaped body.
  • Wrap style garment is your body shape’s closet essential: it adds a flirty touch to your waist as well as tailoring your midriff without making it look boxy.
Inverted Triangle
Inverted Triangle – This is also known as the athletic body shape with shoulders wider than the hips, small hips and flat derriere.
Styling Tips
  • Wear darker colors on top, lighter colors on the bottom.
  • “V” necks elongate the upper body.
  • If wearing loose clothing that falls from the shoulders, belt at the waist to define a waistline.
  • Gathered skirts and flared hems look great on your body type.
  • Wear wide legged trousers to create visual balance below the waist.
  • You will look great with halter tops as well.
  • Use accessories and jewelry to visually elongate the torso (scarves, long necklaces, etc.).
  • Define your waist with belts or wrapped sashes.
  • Wrap styles such as wrap cardigans and sweaters help tailor your midriff and define your waist.
Triangle also called Pear shape, is the most common, it is characterized by upper body larger than below the waist with hips wider than the shoulders and bust line.
Styling Tips
  • Wear clothes that visually adds more weight to your shoulder and bust area and brings attention to your upper body: use shoulder pads and lighter colors on top, darker colors on the bottom
  • Wear tops with pleats, epaulets, ruffles, patch pockets.
  • Wear simple and straight or slightly tapered pants without pleats or gathers at the waist.
  • Draw the eye upward with colorful accessories worn around the neckline and shoulder area.
  • Avoid adding visual emphasis to the hip area
  • Tops, sweaters and jackets that extend either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom
Rectangle – Hips and shoulder look balanced with very little or no waist definition measuring 1” to 8” (2.5 cm to 20 cm) smaller than the bust. This shape is also called “square” shape. You’re similar to an Hourglass but without the killer waist. It’s also a common body figure type for women who age, given birth (skin around the waist stretches) or gained weight.
Styling Tips
  • Aim to create a waistline with your tops and to emphasize the hips and legs and accentuate the correct buttocks line
  • Wear fitted jackets with defined shoulders (pads, lines, seams, etc.).
  • Wear wrap dresses with waist accents to help create the illusion of a waistline.
  • Wear gathers and pleats at the waist.
  • Pants should be fitted with a slight flare at the bottom.
  •  Jackets/ coats, slightly tight with a clearly outlined shoulder line and flared down to mid-hip or just below the knee
  •  Wide Belts are essentials in a Rectangle body shape’s closet
Oval (round or diamond)- Also known as “apple” shape with fullness at midriff. You appear top heavy. You have a full chest and upper back with little or no waist definition. This shape is created by weight gain, bust, waist and hips are very close in measurement
Styling Tips
  • Choose “V” necklines and vertical design lines (draped scarves, long necklaces, etc.). They are flattering on your body frame and making your torso look slimmer at the same time
  • Structured shoulders to keep the eyes on and above your bust
  • Floral prints work well as long as they are medium in scale, not tiny and not oversized.
  • Create waist definition with visual accents such as seams, darts, and lines.
  • Dark solid colors on the inside, lighter colors on the outside (like a two-piece suit with a blouse underneath) work best as alternate outfits.
  • Wear skirts only if they fall past the knee and with the same color hose and shoes.
  • Wear bold accessories above the bust-line (pins, chokers, etc.).
  • Avoid wide waistbands, cropped pants, and oversized dresses.

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