Fall Winter 19/20 Key Looks

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The weather is getting colder and colder, calling for more warming outfits. With summer now nothing more than a distant memory, it’s time to start thinking about getting your new-season aesthetic in order. Whether you’d like to renew your wardrobe or add few pieces, here are the latest trends for this fall/ winter season.

1. Plaid

A trend that has been all over the runway and is far from basic. It will spice up your wardrobe. PERFECT for a versatile wardrobe staple.

2. Leather

Leather is no longer just for moto jackets and shoes. Leather clothing items are one of the most luxe trends of the season. They are the new denim this season.

3. Long Flowy Coats

The coats are long and they flow around you: soft, and comfortable. They are meant to be wrapped for you to feel cozy.  In terms of fabrics, there are a lot of wool, tweed, thick winter fabrics, and newly we have fleece now used in outerwear (in the pic fleece coat by Miss Miss).

Capes are also very trendy this season. They keep you warm, they’re comfortable and just add a lovely silhouette to whatever you’re wearing. They are great for any occasion and body type.

4. Jackets & Coats

Jackets are coming with their own belts, everything seems to be cinched in at the waist, however, you don’t need to tight cinch it.  Pieces are designed to be worn a little oversized and a little bigger. We need to keep the bottom silhouette as sleek as possible to avoid creating a bulky look.

5. Faux Fur

Wear this textural layer to the top of every fall outfit, wrap it up and stay hot this season, it warms you up, and adds interest to your look.

6. Big Dresses

Big dramatic dresses are in fashion, the bigger the bolder the better! Perfect for your wedding or cocktail occasion. Wear it and feel like a princess!

Is This All?

Not at all! Dark floral, bright Monochromatic colors, Checks and wide shoulders Jackets are also on-trend.

What About Accessories?

Personalized hairpins continue to be on-trend this season.  They are a great way to express yourself while keeping your hair in place. These accessories will keep you looking stylish and sleek. You can even wear more than one, as you see in the picture below.

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