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“Elegance is a question of personality, more than one’s clothing.”- Jean-Paul Gautier

Clothing: A Form Of Self Expression

As important it is to know your proportions and your colors, your fashion personality plays a vital role in defining your style. While some people look gorgeous in an outfit, others don’t, despite a perfect match to their body shape.

“I dress for myself: I want to look and feel good in my skin”: familiar, right? You may look good in a cute outfit which flatters your body figure, but you only feel comfortable when it fits your personality. It feels natural, as it expresses who you are. Marc Jacobs worded it perfectly when he said:

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Your personality influences what you wear, what you feel good in, and what gives you confidence and make you look lovely.

There are five main wardrobe personalities and you can belong to more than one, but you will always have a dominant one.

Where do you fall into the five categories?


This fashion persona cannot go unnoticed, and she likes to make a statement in the way she wears.

She loves shopping and is up to date with the latest fashion trends.

She is confident, sexy and sophisticated.

She likes to experiment with different colors and selects bold attires and accessories.


This style is more conservative than others, pure and refined.

They prefer the clean cut and tailored clothing. Their closet is full of neutral colors, they are more into solid monochromatic colors.

They invest in expensive pieces that can last a long time and does not go out of style.

Their jewelry and accessories are understated and complementary to their outfits.


It is the “feminine” style; women with romantic style are sensual and love to look attractive.

They are always well-groomed, wear make-up and high heels.

They choose to clothe with ornate detailing, ruffles, and beautiful design.

They love wearing sexy and preppy clothes and will always go for the lace or flower print and will always include full makeup even when casually dressed.


Women with edgy or creative fashion personality don’t necessarily follow the trend; they enjoy creating something unique from different styles and have fun wearing it.

They are confident and creative.

They love colors, patterns, prints, and texture and are not afraid to experiment with them when dressing.

This style is unconventional, eccentric and individualistic

Sporty or Natural

Informal and relaxed style. Those personas prioritize comfort over a sophisticated look.

Their choice of clothing goes for casual and practical to allow freedom of movement.

It’s a minimalist, sporty style, perfect for the outing and relaxed lifestyle.

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