What Is Your Style?

We’re inundated by noise and forms. We get influenced by trends, celebrities, by the media and the people around us. Our body change: we put weight, we lose weight. We evolve and so the way we look at things. Therefore, finding one’s style can be challenging.
You know by trials and errors that there are pieces you wear frequently and others not at all. You think about that dress; you loved it so much when it was displayed in your favorite shop window, but not anymore as it became part of your wardrobe: you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Is this familiar? How to avoid it? How do you find your style?

While it is fun to find inspiration from various sources, it is also important to understand that, for your clothing choices to work best, they need to be in harmony with your own ‘Style Personality,’ not someone else’s. Style goes beyond fashion. It expresses your personality and declares who you are and the image you want to project. Your style differentiates you from the rest of the crowd, even when you wear the hot fashion of the season, and everybody else does, you look unique. To look fabulous though, you need to unite fashion with your body type, your colors, fashion personas, and lifestyle.

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Your style is unique for You, it’s individual,  and what fit others may not suit you and vice versa. In my ebook, I go through the steps to help You find your style and build your wardrobe to feel and look your best every time.
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