How To Build Your Wardrobe?

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B efore starting off to add items to your wardrobe, check your essentials: these are fundamental pieces in your closet for whatever you wear on different occasions. Having the essentials right makes it easy to dress up every morning. With them, you will only need to add some colors, statement items and accessories to look different and in a new outfit even when on repeat. It is particularly true when you add accessories; this adds elegance to a simple top or bottom. Shoes and bags are the cherries on the cake. So, do it right.

Your basics depend on your lifestyle and your climate and here in this illustration, I’m considering a working woman who needs some formal outfit for the winter season.

It all depends on your lifestyle

Essentials in Formal Outfits during Winter:

  • Two dark suits in your core neutral colors (see below)
  • One dark skirt in your neutral color
  • Two pairs of slacks (or skirts) in your neutral colors
  • Two solid shirts or blouses in your accent colors
  • Two shells that would look great under your suit jackets
  • A jacket that is tailored, yet loose, in an accent color
  • A little black dress
  • A classic pair of black pumps
  • A Classic black bag

What are your core neutral color?

I have chosen here black and grey suits- it can be any other dark neutral color, and better is to choose your core or natural colors, which are the colors surrounding your iris. On your left side hand is an example:

The color palette below the green eye show her colors from light to dark; they look great on her; it does not mean she cannot wear other colors, but these bring the best out of her.

Why do we call them “Essentials”?

Because they are the building block of your wardrobe, and they suit any occasion from a dinner party to a job interview, and everyday office wear. Did you notice how classic they are? So, don’t worry about investing in them as they will not fade with every new season fashion. On the contrary, you will need them as a foundation for your wardrobe. Therefore, you’d instead invest in quality fabrics, so that they last for a long time.

You can never go wrong with essential everyday pieces. They never get outdated and go with absolutely everything. They may have a dull look if you keep wearing them as they are, but you can change the whole look by changing shells, tanks, or adding accessories and trendy items. By combining, mixing and matching different pieces, you can create multiple outfits out of the same garments, developing your wardrobe capsule, which saves you ample of time when you dress up.


Are you tired of the same Look?

You can always add to them some pieces from the latest fashion to transform the available garments to some new outfits, much trendier. On top of that, with your basics, you build the foundation of an outfit, all you need to do is add to them or do a minor change of color or style as an example of a top here, be it tank, shell, V-neck, or cardigan.

Your basics help you also tone down formal or over elegant pieces, and the other way around, adding some classy look to your jeans wear or so. Mixing and matching give you a personal style, unique to your personality and lifestyle.

I love to end this post with what the late Lynn Dell described when people asked her about what she was wearing:


“…It’s not what I was wearing; it is how I put it together. My philosophy is: fashion says ‘me too’, and style says ‘only me’.”

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