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It’s Monday morning, you wake up and go to get dressed, you open your closet and look everywhere, but you cannot find that sweater you’re looking for and the matching shoes. You are already late for work or appointment, what’s easier and faster than wearing the same clothing of yesterday or whatever you put your hands on?

Now let’s dream together and imagine your favorite store with clothing, shoes, and accessories: all from your favorite designers. And guess what, this store is inside your room, just next to your bed: you woke up every morning, and with no hesitation, you pick what suits you for the day; isn’t an easy way to start your day? And people around you wonder what your secret is? What makes you so stylish on every occasion and during regular days? If they know….

This magic boutique in your bedroom is nothing but your “organized” wardrobe. Very simple: once organized, it holds the promise of a more relaxed start of the day.

Why is Closet Organizing Critial?

It is necessary for different reasons:


  • You know what you have and don’t have to avoid buying the same stuff again
  • You identify what your closet is lacking wardrobe essentials
  • you see your belonging easily so that you wear them more often
  • You find what you want to wear quickly even when you’re in a rush.

The 20/80 Rule…

Do you know that most of us wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time? This means most of our closet’s content is a “clutter”: items that take that space badly needed and it’s no surprise that we face every morning a closet full of “clothing,” yet we tell ourselves: “I have nothing to wear.”

Sounds familiar, right? Well, let’s do something about it and get started organizing our closet.

But, How To Start?

  • Open your closet and go through each item: are all the pieces intact or do you see things with stains, holes or discoloration? If so, take them out straight to the trash.
  • Check the remaining items, one by one and ask yourself if you were shopping right now, do you rebuy it? If not, take it out: it is a candidate for donation.
  • I know, there are those pieces you love so much, but for a reason or another you haven’t worn them in over a year, and yes, I hear you, you’ve invested in those items, and it’s not easy to let go but let’s face it, do you think you’ll wear them again? Most probably not, so take them out and add them to your charity box, it feels good to know other people will cherish your pre-loved belongings. They may also be in great need for them.
  • Your closet includes most probably pieces that are either big or small, and you need to do something about them. Why don’t you send them to the tailor to adjust them for you or add them to your charity box? If you opt to customize them to your size, this means you add to your wardrobe new pieces otherwise better to donate them because “the right fit” is essential to look stylish. Now whether you customize or give, you win: you either gain additional clothing or extra space.
  • Do the same for your shoes, bags, scarves and other accessories and use storage solutions, that fit your closet space to keep things handy.
  • Group similar items together and come up with a plan to keep your closet organized, as for example moving your most worn pieces into your closet’s prime location.
  • I like to sort out my clothing by category (pants, skirts, tops, dresses, etc.) and put all similar type by color from white to black with all other colors in between. You can use another method as coordinated outfits together and so one. It also depends on the storage space you have.

Now You’re Done!

Take a look at your closet. Isn’t amazing to open it and find all that you need in an eye glimpse?


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