What Is Your Face Shape?

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Why Are We Talking About Face Shape?

In search of your style, knowing your face shape is as important as it is for your body shape. It helps you select your best clothing and accessories, and the same when it comes to your Haircut and makeup and whatever involve your face.

On the other hand, and if you’re like me, every time I want to change my look, I do something about my hair: color or haircut because it is pretty easy to achieve, but will this give the expected results? Sometimes yes, but for a more powerful look, the right makeup and haircut have to do with the face shape.  Sounds simple? It is, but it makes a huge difference.

Makeup and a flattering haircut can lighten up your face and your spirit because we love it when we look our best, and we feel more confident. I love the way Coco Channel has put it: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

There are two kinds of face shapes: the curved and the angled and they very much follow the body shape, which is good news because when in doubt between 2 forms, you can refer to the body shape to make a guess.

Let’s Dig Into Each One…

Famous Curved Faces

  • The oval face is well balanced, which makes it easier to style and hence considered to be the perfect form. Here the face appears as an egg shape with front to chin vertical line almost 1.5 times the ear to ear horizontal line. The facial features such as nose, mouth, and eyes, are curved and rounded. With your Oval face, you can wear many styles whether haircuts or accessories, though you need to take into account your facial features so that you don’t emphasize what you want to hide. At the same time, if your features are small, wear small prints close to your face and vice versa.
  • The Oblong face or long oval is a longer face than wider crossing the length-width ratio of an oval shape. Here also the facial features are curved and round and the body shape is typically round. It’s a long slim face. Consequently, you need to add width to balance it. Any haircut that shortens the chin and forehead and adds broadness to the cheekbones flatters this face shape and rejuvenate your look. Horizontal jewelry motifs do well to this face shape.
  • The round face’s length and width are same with full and round jawline. As it is for the oval and the oblong shapes, here also the facial features are curved and rounded, and the body shape is most probably curved (hourglass or oval/ round shape). Your face is most likely a “baby face,” looking younger than you are. Your strategy is to slim down your face and make it look longer. Bronzing powder on your most extensive parts simulates a slimmer appearance. As for accessories, choose either simple earrings, and if long, they should extend past your chin to elongate your face. When it comes to hairstyling, go for medium length hair and keep the texture smooth and sleek. Avoid soft, wispy bangs, as this can further accentuate the softness of your features. Instead, opt for side swept bangs or full moon bangs.

Famous Angled Faces

  • A diamond-shaped face has a narrow eye line and jawline. The cheekbones, where the face is most extensive, are broad, high and prominent while the chin is small, delicate and pointy and face is slightly longer than wider. The body shape is angled, and the facial features are sharp and straight. If you want to achieve an oval looking face shape, you need to add fullness to your forehead or hide it by styling your hair with bangs or side swept. In clothing choose necklines emphasizing your chin like V-neck and in jewelry go opposite to the shape of your face, in this case, opt for earrings narrow on top and wide at the bottom like tears.
  • Heart face is similar to the diamond face shape, with full and high cheekbones and pointy chin. However, the cheeks are less prominent, and the whole look is rounder and softer, with less dramatic angles. But when it comes to styling, both heart and diamond shapes share the same strategy.
  • Rectangular (square) face: here the chin and the jawline are square. Cheekbones, forehead, and jawline have a similar width. The facial features are sharp and straight. The goal is to slim and soften down the lower half of the face. When styling your hair, think layered and longer hairstyles to move the eyes away from your strong jawline. Rounded and soft earrings flatter this face shape. And also, choose jewelry that is longer than more full to distract the eye from your wide jawline.
  • Triangular face: you know it’s a triangular shape when the jawline is widest, narrowing at your cheekbones and temple. Features are sharp and straight. To balance this face shape, you need to add fullness to your temples and trim down your jawline. Hairstyles with texture on top and sides help widen your hairline for a balanced and attractive look. In the same manner of a rectangular shape, jewelry needs to slim down the lower half, so choose long earrings that extend past your chin level. When it comes to clothing, wear low necklines to help slim your jawline and chin area.

Now You Have It!

We have discussed the most familiar face shapes. However, there are plenty of variations, and sometimes a face is a combination of 2 forms, which should give you plenty of styling possibilities: get creative and try until you find the look you love.

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