What's On Trend This Spring?

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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”- Edith Head

Why is Spring so special?

Spring is my favorite time of the year; it holds joy, the joy of birth, a new season starts, a new life begins, soft and pure. Spring promises more freedom, as the sun finally gets out of its shelter, opens up its vast rays to warm up the world.

It is the same for fashion, a new birth with smooth details and soft colors.

Isn’t it exciting to get rid of the thick coats and the many layers and feel lighter as we start to wear spring fashion?

Sharing Some of What’s On Trend Now


The first trend of this spring is Pearls, whether as jewelry or on clothing, as shown in this picture, on an emerald dress, right on the chest. They can be the classical rounded form, or take any other shape.

Bags ornated with pearls are another option to wear it same for hairclips which are very much on-trend this season.

Short Suit

Short suit: you can get the two pieces separately, so you’ve got the little pair of shorts.  You don’t need to wear this as suit together if you don’t want to wear the suit jacket because that can be very smart. You can wear the shorts with a plain blouse or T-shirt as shown in the picture.

Polka Dots

Polka dots come super strong with different fabrics, forms, and products from Jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts, etc.

This versatility leaves no excuse for not embracing some bold prints this season.


Animal Prints

These are pleasant prints, always in style and even more this year, with a loud coming back. The picture features outfits from Guardaroba spring collection, showing different ways of wearing these fun prints.

I love in particular the jogging suit on the bottom of the picture, with lace hem of the top, giving you a very stylish look even in relaxed outfits.

Pleating & Ruffles

Pleating is another trend this year. You can pair this pleated skirt on the left-hand side of the picture with a jacket, but another great way to make it look awesome is to dress it up with sporty garments. For instance, here the model is wearing it with a tank top and a jeans shirt and training shoes: Lovely, no?


Ruffles are back with different styles: you see them everywhere, full ruffles as this floral skirt on the right hand- side of the picture, to partially designing an outfit as in the dress of the middle where you see ruffles on the collar, waist, and sleeves. You see, there is no way to escape them this season!

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